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Reiki Services: 
In Office Reiki Healing or 
Distant Reiki Healing
reik session
As you relax on an amethyst crystal biomat and synchronize to healing sounds, you will feel the universal life force energy flow through your body and aura. It will be healing, balancing and clearing your physical body and auric field. Emotional and physical blockages are lifted and released so Reiki can gently replace them and restore a healthy energy flow. Each session is personalized to your specific energy healing needs, and therefore unique to you. Some healing needs require particular crystals that are laid in a healing grid on or around the body. During a Reiki session many outcomes are possible, including past life healing. We speciallize in aura clearing, healing attunements and clearing blocks easily and quickly.   
A single one hour and 15 minutes in office session costs $50. Appointments are made once payment is received and in the event of cancellation can be transferrable to a future session. There are no refunds.
All are welcome!
Reiki energy works with everyone's needs of all ages. Stress affects all of us and our energetic bodies take a beating as a result.  We could all use restorative energy.
In person appointments are made for the following days: Sunday, Monday, or Wednesdays.
To schedule your Reiki session please contact me via the Contact Us tab after payment is made. Location of the office will sent along with confirmation of appointment time and day. Blessings to you, dear one!
Distant Reiki
Healing, from near or far
Distant Reiki is an identical outcome to an in office session except the receiver is not physically present, but you need not be present to receive all the healing and relaxing benefits as an in office session. Reiki works through Quantum Physics. It can travel across time--into the past and/or future--and across space to provide the same healing benefits as a person receiving Reiki in office. 
Request your session today
It is so simple. You need to do very little. Once you send payment of $50 through Paypal, you will be contacted via email to schedule an appointment. The Reiki Healing Session will last one hour with a fifteen minute share.  You can rest and relax with restorative energy for an hour while a practitioner does all the concentrated healing work for you.  

During a Distant Reiki session, only the highest vibrational energy from a place of love, compassion and light is sent with the intention for healing to occur in your highest good. Once the session is completed, you will be phoned right away by the practitioner to debrief about the Reiki healing, where you needed it most, any information to further your healing, how many more sessions, if anymore will be needed, and messages that come through from your guides. Expect the Reiki energy to continue flowing and detoxing for up to several or more days. Some people experience a healing process after a session, which is temporary, perfectly natural and a really good sign that a) you needed the session and b) Reiki did its job to balance, cleanse and replenish your energy. Mild symptoms could include a headache, musle ache, or feeling out of sorts for a few hours. More often, people report feeling better during and after a session.
As always, if you have questions, clients have a direct connection to their practitioner..
Distant Reiki Session
In your home or office experience one hour of healing Reiki energy.
Price: $50.00
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