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For many cultures around the world, shamans have been relied upon for understanding and addressing many problems that affect individuals and the community, to restore balance and harmony. Shamanic practitioners are endowed with abilities and trained to be vessels of many kinds of healing energy, such as Reiki. They are trusted seers, diviners, and mediums. They know how to navigate the spiritual realms to restore spiritual and energetic balance by retrieving a person's power, their lost soul essence, their elements--earth, water, fire, air and space. They are also able to extract the source of blocked energy in the physical and energetic bodies--the aura and chakras--to facilitate healthy flow of energy. They can sense and extract invasive energy--such as thought forms--that have been with a person and have resulted in physical and emotional problems. They can transition beings who are shadowing a person, which in itself can be a major source of problems physical and emotional issues. A shaman can recognize and unravel another kind of energy, which is often thought based. This one follows an individual or family like a curse, afflicting a person's prosperity and success in personal, financial and relationship situations. It can also afflict generations in a family. This type of negative energy is often unintentional, and can be self-inflicted or may have been intentionally created to inflict harm on a person, an ancestral line. It may have even been inflicted on someone in a past life. This type of energy can present obstacles in many facets of one's life that prevent advancement, family unity, and healthy relationships from forming and block ancestral gifts. Once blockages are lifted it is up to each individual to be proactive about their own lives.

Accumulation of stress can trigger energetic blocks in the chakras, and energy pathways of the body. Reiki can cleanse, balance, retool, and restore these.  Another kind of spiritual malady can occur: Being shadowed by a disembodied spirit. Some call it spirit release. It can trigger any one or more of the following such as depression, foggy thinking, out of the blue panic or anxiety, feeling weighed down during sleep and more. For those souls who have not made their transition and decided to stay on earth, a shamanic practitioner with the affinity to conduct souls to the after life will have to help them transition. This is especially significant as beings who have not transitioned to the light follow the living for light, comfort, companionship, and many other reasons.

In essence, Shamans can recognize when humans are spiritually and energetically out of balance and what to do about it. They have the natural and trained ability to communicate reliably and effectively with helping spirits, which is especially important in assessing a person's complex issue. 
Energetic and spiritual imbalance can appear as symptoms that don't have an ordinary cause, such as, feelings of desperation, disturbed sleep, sadness, feeling like something is missing--to name a few. From a shamanic perspective, trauma, shock, loss and deep disappointment can trigger soul loss, that is a piece of soul escapes trauma and shock by going into non-ordinary reality, the spiritual realms where helping spirits dwell. While soul loss is one kind of issue, a person's energy flow could be blocked by negative energy, necessitating an extraction of it. It is up to the shamanic practitioner to diagnose and then extract negative energy or retrieve lost soul pieces.

The presence of soul loss can resonate with disincarnate beings who choose to shadow a person who among many others reasons reflects their pain and loss.  A trained shamanic practitioner and psycopomp is needed to detach and compassionately transition deceased beings, so they no longer have to shadow a human for survival. In fact, a soul conductor historically, is known as a psychopomp, and plays a crucial role in recognizing and communicating with the deceased being and then facilitating his or her transition into the light. In modern times, an advanced shamanic practitioner will facilitate a compassionate, safe and permanent  separation of the deceased being from living person which ultimately provides healing on many levels for the person being shadowed by a being. Shamans are also conductors of energy and have the ability to remove thought-directed negative energy (that looks like bad luck)--which can be intentional or unintentional directed energy that have the power to act like a curse in regards to relationships, career, job search, and finances, which can shadow a person for life. Just as important, a shaman can be a pitcher for life force energy which humans need replenished from time to time; today we call this Reiki.
Welcome to my website. My name is Jacqueline Komninos, and I am a Karuna Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner, trained and experienced especially in energy healing and middle world work, such as compassionate depossession, and curse unraveling. This shamanic and Reiki healing work is my passion and heartfelt joy. I see one client after another feel lighter, happier, glowing and radiant, able to handle life's stresses with greater ease and grace.  Allow me to be of service in your life and you will, without a doubt, feel a great difference.  Please use the Contact form to ask for a free consultation about your concern or issue.

Great and Many Blessings to You,
Jacqueline Komninos, M.A.,                                                           
Professional ICRT Reiki Master,                                                    
Spirit Medium 
"Life is continuous, and is infinite."--Edgar Cacey

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