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Karuna Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner and teacher, Welcome. It's my pleasure to share with you the many deep and long lasting benefits of Reiki. By restoring and supercharging your life force energy, Reiki can help you become balanced and whole, attract the blessings of the universe, and ultimately restore well being. It removes bad energy, clears and realigns your chakras, cleans your aura of bad energy, and strengthens the flow of your life force energy--all necessary to elevate emotional and physical well being. Because I enhance all of my sessions with Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master energies and I have a deep connection with healing spirit allies, you will experience profound release of unhealthy energy to the core. Sometimes bad energy can be intentionally or unintentionally directed to hurt another person and requires a shamanic approach. For this reason, I also practice Shamanism, an ancient and highly effective healing modality to remove energetic curses--inflicted by someone wishing, praying and intending for a person to be harmed emotionally and/or physically.  My guides and I also compassionately cross over spirits--often loved ones--trapped in our world and clinging to the living for life force. Less common but nonetheless problematic is possession, an entity influencing someone's behavior and actions. We also do depossession work from a place of love, compassion and forgiveness. (Please read more about this in the Shamanic Services tab.) 

I'm Jacqueline Komninos, ICRT Professional Karuna Reiki Master teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. For years I have been a grateful practitioner and teacher of healing arts. It is deeply gratifying to be a channel for Reiki energy that brings relief from pain, anxiety, and release of unhealthy patterns and obstacles. Also, if you feel guided to learn how to practice Reiki, you can brilliantly transform into a profound channel for healing others, and increase personal prosperity. (It did all of that for me and many others.)
Reiki can do even more. Once it dissolves blockages and restores the healthy flow of life force energy throughout the body, chakras and auric field, the immune system runs better. Circulation is improved. Healing speeds up. Because negative thoughts do get lodged in the chakras causing them to slow down, once chakras are cleared by Reiki, a person can feel more inclined to release emotional pain and unhealthy patterns. To make this whole process happen faster with better results, I add more tools for a wholistic approach to healing: An Ancient Tibetan bowl attuned to Reiki, Soul Vibration Chimes, buffalo drumming, amethyst crystal biomat, the Reiki Feather Wand, pendulum for diagnosing slow spinning chakras, crystal grids specific for balancing, realigning and deeply cleansing chakras, the auric field and physical body, Karuna Reiki to release past trauma and toxicity at the cellular level, and my psychic connection to healing guides who see into your situation to provide clarity and solution.  All of these wonderful tools work effectively for distant Reiki sessions too. (Learn more about this in the Reiki Services tab.)

      So what is Reiki? Wise, unconditionally loving energy that is abundant and will only work in your highest good, and an energy healing system. When channeled by an experienced and heart centered practitioner, a reiki session is an amazing experience. Be filled with a sense of peace and well being, enlivened and yet relaxed. Feel enveloped in relaxing energy. 
If you are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner, you will discover a way to help yourself, friends, family and even clients, if you feel guided in this direction. I offer classes for all educational levels, from beginner to advanced. Even the beginner's level will increase your vibrational frequency, awaken your inner gifts, increase your prosperity, and connect you with an abundant source of life-enhancing energy. The tools you gain will last a lifetime and beyond.  In my classes, you learn practical tools for routine self-care. You will be transformed into a healer, which is deeply rewarding.  Each level in the Reiki classes I offer add a new set of tools: Level I will sensitize your hands and awaken your intuition to understand energy, and connect you to the Reiki source for healing, while Level II provides you with tools to manifest emotional healing, empower goals, cleanse a space of negative energy, and send healing to anyone anywhere.  The ART and Master Level tools attune you to clear blocks, align chakras, carry out psychic surgery, and attune others to Levels I, II, ART, and Master Level.  Karuna Reiki is a soul elevating experience that includes tools which release cellular negativity that follow us from one lifetime to the next.  Are you ready to take the next step in your growth? I offer educational opportunities for you to practice Reiki Level I and II, and by request all levels from ART to Karuna Reiki.  Just Ask.
Reiki has guided me to create a unique tool. It's so unique that each one is made to order, according to a practitioner's energy blueprint, resonating symbol and theme. It concentrates energy to clear out negativity in energy pathways and the aura. Empower every Reiki session in amazing ways. They have evolved to include the angelic and animal spirit energies that want to assist you to amplify the Reiki Feather Wand's impact. The specific angel and spirit animal that wants to work with you will infuse the wand with its energy. You will feel this wand guiding you, as someone told me recently.

While Reiki is ideal and necessary for clearing out simple negative energy to establish a healthy flow of life force energy to the chakras and physical body, there are complex forms of negative energy that can take on a life of their own, called curses, emotionally fueled thoughts intending to do harm. They can be intentionally and unintentionally cast on one's self and others. A curse can morph and grow, intended for one person and then negatively influencing an entire family and the next generation. While most curses are unintentional, many are not and yet those can also be removed. What are symptoms of a curse?
If you feel a pattern of obstacles every time you try to achieve a healthy goal, you may be cursed, really. A person can feel locked in the same reaction to people. Do you notice pattern in yourself that affects other members of your family? Persistent family strife? Because it is possible to be cursed by someone, I now offer Curse Unraveling, an ancient healing practice relevant to modern times. People still try to control others through strong intentional or unintentional thoughts and misguided or negative prayers. It's even possible to curse yourself. The effects on a person can be a distinct pattern of repetitive obstacles and setbacks around a goal. You know you're cursed when storm clouds cover a situation every time. Read more about this in the Shamanic Services tab.
Healing can happen in many ways, especially for people who have been robbed of life force by a spirit who attaches to them. I offer individual sessions to release these spirit attachments so people can live independently and spirits can finally cross over. (If you think a spirit might be attached to you or a loved one, please read about Spirit Release and the symptoms here on my website in Shamanic Services.  If it feels like a match, call me to discuss your situation. So many people have been helped by spirit release.) 
     Let me know how I can be of service to you both as a practitioner and teacher.  
In Service and Love,
Jacqueline Komninos, M. A.
Professional Karuna Reiki Master
Teacher and Practitioner
Spirit Release Healer
Unlock Your Inner Healer,
Empower Your Intuitive Capacity, 
Expand Spiritually 

Join a Reiki Class 
and Discover Your Inner Gifts . . . 
"Being able to give Reiki energy makes me feel closer to God. More in tune Spiritually."--Reiki Southern California Student, Reiki Level I and II
Through Reiki Southern California's educational services, discover how Reiki can help you manifest your potential and gifts.Join us in LONG BEACH, CA
 Reiki Level III/ART Practitioner Training and Certification 
($296) on
Sunday August 24, 2014
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Reiki Master Practitioner Training and Teacher Certification
Sunday April 27, 2014
Sunday August 31, 2014
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Are you interested in connecting with an unlimited source of healing energy? Reiki Southern California can help you excel as a Reiki healer and teacher. Find out how!
Reiki Level I Practitioner Training and Certification
($175) on

Wednesday April 23 4:00-7:00 pm
Monday April 28 4:00-8:00 pm

Sunday May 18, 2014 Or
Sunday June 15, 2014
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Reiki Level II Practitioner Training and Certification
 ($175) on
Sunday May 25, 2014 Or
Sunday June 22, 2014
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

*Reiki Level I Practitioner Training and Certification (The Basic Toolbox)
I love you, and I Iove helping you discover your great potential to heal and express your spiritual and psychic gifts, with compassion and grace.  I truly believe the International Center for Reiki Training has created powerful Reiki techniques and attunements, which is why I chose to become a professionally certified teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training. I also appreciate that at the end of my Reiki Level I class, each student can take their first step toward becoming an affiliate member with the ICRT.
Experience, learn and become attuned to the energy that has so many of us returning to Reiki again and again. You will find this beginner's class easy to follow and providing a solid foundation for you to practice Reiki right away, safely and confidently. When this level is complete, you can use Reiki for yourself and the ones you love anytime. In this workshop you will:

  1. get your chakras cleared, realligned, and enhanced to receive psychic impressions,
  2. learn how to read psychic impressions
  3. learn the fascinating history of Reiki (how Reiki actually works)
  4. learn Japanese Reiki techniques
  5. learn a three step process for invoking Reiki and closing a session
  6. learn how to read chakras and what they can tell you about our physical and emotional issues
  7. learn where and how to place your hands to give a full Reiki treatment to yourself and others
  8. how to scan the aura and chakras for finding unhealthy energy
  9. learn how to direct Reiki to clear out unhealthy energy
  10. and learn how to incorporate smudging into a session

Total cost for this life improving class: $175.00 per person (Included is William Rand's manual, The Reiki Handbook. Healthy, lunch, snacks and beverages are included too! Yeah!)

Deposit for Reiki Level I
50% of total fee secures your seat in this class. Reserve now and pay the rest later using paypal.
Price: $87.00
Complete Payment for Reiki Level I
Use paypal to complete payment of $175.00 per person for Reiki Level I class
Price: $175.00
Reserve your seat right now by conveniently making a 50% deposit. Please make your deposit no later than three days before class begins to avoid missing your opportunity.
I can't wait to see you there! 

Yours Truly in Love, Light and Gratitude,
Jacqueline Komninos
*Reiki Level II Practitioner Training and Certification (Add Essential Tools to the Basic Toolbox)
Reiki Level II energy can expand and deepen our spiritual connection to source and psychic abilities beyond level I. Reiki can help us to manifest goals, clear a space of unhealthy vibrations, heal physical, mental, emotional issues, and it can even travel across time and space to heal. Don't you love it! These skills and many others are attainable once you learn and become connected to Reiki Level II energy. I know you will enjoy the attunement, which conditions, clears and realigns your chakras while it connects you permanently to Reiki's loving and compassionate level II vibration. It will also prepare you to practice Reiki safely and with love and compassion to bring in this divine energy. Without a doubt, this course will energize and empower you to a professional level of understanding about Reiki. After this course you qualify to become a member of the ICRT and enjoy discounts at their webstore:. 
This comprehensive class will prepare you to do all of the following:

1. how to beam energy with your eyes for healing yourself and others 

2. Japanese Reiki Techniques specific to level II 

3. apply three Reiki symbols to heal a variety of issues  

4. how to manifest goals 

5. how to give Reiki with your breath for healing yourself or others 

6. how to clear negative energy from a space, aura and chakras 

7. how to send Distant Reiki to anyone located anywhere in the world. 

8. how to incorporate crystals in a Reiki session to empower your goals and transform behavior patterns to healthy ones
Included are healthy snacks, lunch, and beverages. Bring William Rand's "Reiki: The Healing Touch" with you to class.
Cost for this course is $175. 

Once you do sign up, please make your deposit no later than three days before the start of class. That's when enrollment closes. Deposits can be made by check or paypal here on my website. 
Deposit for Reiki Level II Course
50% of the total fee secures your seat.
Price: $87.00
Completed payment for Reiki Level II Course
Use paypal to make the remaining 50% payment.
Price: $88.00
Included are many opportunities to practice on Reiki tables, fourteen years of teaching experience from a caring and well trained/informed professor, and the manual "Reiki: The Healing Touch" by William Lee Rand--unless you received it at the level I class--healthy lunch, snacks and beverages.
The cost for both courses is $350 per person, and a deposit of $175 is required to reserve a seat. (If you need only one course the cost is $175 per person. In this case a $87 deposit is required.) The remaining amount, $88, is paid by check or cash on the first day of our two-day or one-day intensive workshop. Each course is limited to 8 persons, so reserve your spot before enrollment closes. (Deposits are nonrefundable but can be transferred toward a future course or services provided by Reiki Southern California up to 12 months from the deposit date.)

*Reiki Level III/ART (Advanced Reiki Techniques)Practitioner Training and Certification
Has it been six months since you completed Reiki Level II? Are you personally ready to experience a deeper level of healing, add more healing tools to your toolbox, and become a wider channel of healing for others? You will gain so much from this class:
1. You become attuned to three advanced symbols, that enable you to do psychic surgery, magnify the power of level II symbols, learn how to draw upon higher vibrational energy to clear blocks, align chakras and ground a person.
2. You learn how to make and use a crystal grid to send continuous Reiki. In total you add six more tools to your toolbox. Each one carries unique power to promote healing.
3. You gain unlimited access to the instructor for future consultations regarding Level III work.
*Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Training Certification
Have you completed Reiki Level III/Advanced Reiki Techiques with an ICRT professionally certified teacher? Do you want to expand your capacity to heal and deepen your understanding of Reiki? Are you motivated to attune others to Reiki and perhaps teach it? You will find this class very valuable:
1. You become attuned to the Reiki Master Symbols which empowers you to attune others.

2. You learn special Reiki meditations
2. You learn how and when to give a healing attunement which profoundly cleanses chakras and the aura.
3. You learn how to train and attune others to ALL levels of Reiki up to the master level.
4. You gain unlimited access to the instructor for future consultations regarding your teaching in all levels of Reiki. 
The cost for both classes is $742. Please contact Jacqueline via email to mail a deposit by check at least one week in advance of the class. Included with Level III is William Rand's the "Reiki Master Manual," crystals, a grid, and the other essentials: Lunch, healthy snacks, water and tea
All workshops are facilitated by Jacqueline Komninos, Professor and ICRT Professional Karuna Reiki® and Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master. For information about the International Center for Reiki Training please go to
*Reiki is never a substitute for medical diagnosis and care. Rather it is complimentary and supportive.

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